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Jessica Gardewin

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Jessica Gardewin has her hands full. After her shift as a machine operator in the butter factory in Edewecht, the 32-year-old often sits at home and sews masks for her colleagues together with her sister.

"Actually I only wanted to make the masks for my own team. But the face masks were obviously so well received that suddenly more and more employees in the butter dairy asked if I could make them one too," says Jessica. She laughs as she looks at her colleague Fred Kozik: "It's great if I can contribute something to help us do our work in the butter factory with enjoyment and a feeling of security.

"After my shift as a machine operator in the butter factory in Edewecht, I often sit at home and sew masks for my colleagues together with my sister."

Jessica Gardewin

After all, keeping a ‘social distance’ is not so easy in the butter dairy. Some pragmatism is needed here. "The machines are really noisy. This makes it very difficult to communicate with each other," explains the machine operator.

At the moment, the shift handover is done in writing to save the different shifts from having to meet. The protocols are then available at the machines for the next shift. "This helps us all a lot,” says Jessica. “When we leave the factory after the shift together, keeping at a safe distance, I feel we are doing everything right."

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