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Sven Angermann - Erfurt

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Sven Angermann has worked in materials management in the factory warehouse at the DMK Erfurt location since 2006. The 330 colleagues know each other well and normally greet each other with a handshake. Of course, this is now not possible – it’s a really unusual situation for Sven Angermann. He explains: “Contact with colleagues and our external staff has been reduced to a minimum. For example, the lorry drivers don’t go into the offices any more. Everyone has to keep to the minimum distances rules, which is not so easy if three people are unloading at the same time. We have many unloading operations here. It is, therefore, very important that all lorry drivers disinfect their hands before unloading.”

Angermann also reports that as well as disinfecting the industrial trucks, they also regularly disinfect the pallet trucks and forklifts. The doors and handles in the factory are sterilised several times a day.

Communication with foreign drivers is currently a real challenge for him and his team. The new hygiene and safety guidelines, enquiring whether a risk region has been visited: all this needs to be organised and explained to the drivers in a way that they understand.

But one thing is self-evident for him in the corona crisis too: “Being careful is a priority! But we don’t lose our sense of humour. We continue to laugh a lot with one another.”

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